Engagement session

What is an engagement session and is it really useful?

3/19/20231 min read

An engagement session is a photo/video session that takes place before the wedding and aims to capture romantic moments between the bride and groom. The name engagement comes from the English word "engagement", which means "engagement". These photo/video sessions are often held in places that are significant to the couple, such as the place where they met or a place they have frequented together.

Engagement photos can be taken in a variety of ways. Some couples prefer more formal photos, while others prefer more relaxed and natural shots. It's important to discuss your preferences with the photographer before the session to ensure that the photos match your expectations.

It's also important to prepare for the engagement shoot by choosing appropriate outfits and getting ready in advance. It's important to feel comfortable and at ease in front of the camera so that the photos reflect your love and happiness. Photos of engagement sessions can be used for wedding invitations and wedding albums. They can also be used for publications on social networks to announce the wedding.

All in all, an engagement shoot is a great way to capture the romantic and loving moments before the wedding and create lasting memories. It's important to work with a professional photographer and to prepare in advance to ensure that the photos match your expectations.

This session is included in all my packages, except the cheapest, as it allows my brides and grooms to practise and feel comfortable in front of the camera.