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Angelin Krikorian

Angelin Krikorian - Paris wedding photographer

My promise

As a passionate wedding photographer, I have a unique vision of wedding photography that aims to highlight the emotion, authenticity and beauty of each couple. I believe that every wedding is unique and deserves to be captured in a personal and bespoke way. My aim is to create wedding photographs that reflect each couple's personality and story, so that every viewing is a moving experience. My promise is to capture the essence of your love and create timeless memories. I am committed to providing you with authentic images, filled with emotion and beauty. My aim is to document every magical moment, every burst of laughter, every knowing glance, so that you can relive these precious moments for generations to come. With a discreet approach and unwavering passion, I capture the most significant moments of your special day and transform them into unique works of art. Calling on me as your wedding photographer will ensure that your memories are preserved with care and attention, for you to cherish for a lifetime.

If you are looking for a wedding photographer who shares your vision of weddings, I may be the wedding photographer for you, to be sure I invite you to have a look at my work as well as my about page, to discover who I am and my vision of this unique day.

"Hi angelin, we've just seen the photos and we love them, we'd even ask for more. She's great, thanks.

- Hafida

"I recommend Angelin 100%, he knew how to capture natural moments! Result we had exceptional photos! I trust Angelin, apart from his young age, he is so talented and professional. You can call on his services with your eyes closed".

- Sabrina